Thoughts from Pastor Tom Day

April 29, 2020

Ya know friends, if I had thought about it, I could have let my beard grow when the “Stay at Home” orders were first given. I wonder how long it would be by the time this situation is over?
Probably a good thing I didn’t though, because Cindy doesn't like facial hair of any kind.
Come to think of it, I saw a post on Facebook the other day that questioned what it was going to be like when 300 million people go to the Barber Shop, or Beauty Shop to get a haircut at the same time when the “all clear” is sounded.
Even with what little hair I have, mine may be in a pony tail by then. And my neighbor, Mr. Nick, may be retired before he catches up on his backlog of haircuts.
Again, we will have to be patient, my friends. The scripture found in Matthew 14:15-21, shares with us that Jesus fed 5,000 people with only five small loaves of bread and two fishes.
Verse 20 says, “After everyone had eaten all they wanted, Jesus’ disciples picked up twelve large baskets of leftovers.”
Wow! Think of the patience those 5,000 people had to have, especially numbers 4,999 and 5,000! That would be worse than standing in one of the three lines open at Wal Mart.
Friends, God will always provide us with what we need. Not necessarily what we want, but we will never be without our needs.
Of course, we have to be patient for God to do His will. I mean, if this Coronavirus situation isn’t teaching us anything else, it’s teaching us how to have patience.
Ya know, on second thought, I might let my hair continue to grow. Matthew 10:30 says, “Even the hairs on your head are counted.”
Well, my numerous new hairs make me look almost 6 feet tall. And if I had enough hair to form a “man bun” on the top of my head – I would be over 6 feet tall. Hmmmm.
But then, there's the story of Absalom, the son of David in 2 Samuel 14:25-26 where Samuel tells us, “No one in all Israel was as handsome and well-built as Absalom.
He got his hair cut once a year, and when the hair was weighed, it came to about five pounds.”
Okay, I give up! God could count the hairs on my head in less than 2 minutes, and when I am able to get it cut, it isn't going to weigh more than a half pound, if that much. I'll just be patient, and wait my turn.
My friends, be patient, wear a mask, wash your hands with soap and water, and Stay Safe! And may God guide you and bless you to do just that.
See you on Facebook Sunday!

-- Pastor Tom

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