Winds of Faith

by Pastor Tim Sanders Winds of Faith Ministry

Stone Soup

An old story tells of starving man who came to a village, but no one could spare him a crumb of food. He

builds a small fire and sets a pot of water to boil on it. Then drops a small egg size stone in it. As it begins to boil, he stirs it with a stick. Folks start to gather and a boy comes and drops two small potatoes in with the stone. Soon, another boy brings an onion and drops it in. Another lad brings a couple of carrots and an old man brings a handful of barley. A widow comes and pours in a cup of milk left from the milking. The starving man just smiles and keeps stirring. The stone soup has now become a tasty chowder. The story's moral brings to a head the point of sharing even if we think our contribution is insignificant.

They said it couldn't be done. But a little boy put in five loaves and three fishes and Jesus made it happen with much left over. Sometimes, when it seems there's nothing, you just have to build a fire and set a pot to boiling; stirring it with faith. Little is much when the Lord is in it and a whole lot is nothing when he ain't !!!

(prayer) Lord please look after those of us who are yours in the days of stone soup that may shortly be

upon us. Thanks Lord, amen.