Winds of Faith

October 16, 2020

The Kinsmen Redeemer

In the great story penned in the book of Ruth, a young woman starts down the trail of life and finds that not all works out as she had hoped. Foreign travel, husbands and sons melt away in the mist of the trials of life. Her only surviving companion and friend is her daughter-in-law Ruth. Naomi and Ruth make their way back home to Israel about the time of the wheat harvest. Naomie sends Ruth out to glean behind the harvesters, as was common for the day. She comes in that evening with an apron full of wheat heads that she had gleaned, and there was more than they had had for a long time. This did not happen by chance or random, for there was a man there who was Lord of the Harvest & Kinsmen Redeemer. He had instructed the harvesters to let fall some heads just for them. Many times, this old world will pull away from us and all that we hoped to accomplish. How wonderful it is to be able to come back home and make our beds next to the Lord’s treashing floor and glean from the corners of his harvest even though we have not the strength to work on the main crew any more. Only then do we find that an apron full, picked up from behind his harvest, is far more than we could have gotten on our own.

(Truths) Jesus is our Kinsmen Redeemer, Lord of the Harvest, and beside Him there is no other. Surely, as we come home, take up our cross, and follow him; the blessings of gleaning one day in his field will be more than we can accumulate in a lifetime!
The song Sweet Wind says: Lord of the harvest It's time once again to throw all the grain of my heart to the wind.

(prayer) Lord blow out the chaff of my sin. Blow through me again and again. amen
Pastor Tim Sanders, Winds of Faith Ministries

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